Artist of the month: Habiba Green

I came across Habiba’s work on Twitter, in a tweet she disclosed more about her artwork and techniques. I loved this because it showed a vulnerable side of the artist and she also attached one piece of her artwork (the first piece in this post) which I just loved. The minimal colours she used and represents the uncertainty of emotions well.


Habiba Green

Drawing and painting have been Habiba’s passions since childhood. After graduating in Graphic Design from the ULL with a specialism in commercial graphic design, she completed her training in Bristol and London, United Kingdom.

Habiba’s work focuses on portraits and the human figure, along with botanical elements, using watercolours, digital painting, and gouache. She would describe her work as autobiographical but it also incorporates other people’s experiences to explore emotions so that she can connect as deeply as possible with the viewer.

Her creative process is inspired by feminism and literature, materialising different concepts from her favourite writers. Habiba has collaborated on exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as well as organising her own commemorative exhibition on International Women’s Day: SHE, where she participated alongside twenty leading contemporary artists.

Habiba has worked for brands and music labels, including Smirnoff and Sony, and has illustrated book jackets for leading contemporary Spanish writers for clients including Penguin Random House. Her latest project is a collaboration with Jillian Dempsey, illustrating Dempsey’s Global Ambassadors.

Your light — Habiba Green


1. What inspires you to create artwork?

I get inspired by going to art galleries, so much so sometimes I rush home because an idea has come out and I feel that that creative energy can’t be wasted. Other times I can get inspired in random situations.

2. Your artwork features simple colour pallets how did you decide this?

Over the years my style had been progressing with a concept called “more is less”. It consists of creating consistency in an almost minimalist manner. Therefore, you create an illusion up to the viewer’s imagination if that makes sense. At least, that’s my intention aesthetically!

3. What are you looking forward to in your art career?

I want to connect through my art as much as I can, and if possible be more and more able to support other artists by collecting their artworks. My aspirations are definitely in the gallery sector.

Keep evolving and never stop creating.

I drown — Habiba Green

4. What would your advice be for young or starting artists?

Be yourself, never stop creating and concentrate on your work. Follow your path is the only way. It took me ten years to realise that.

5. What movie/tv show or book would you recommend?

I will recommend a film that I’ve watched recently, it’s a short film, but is beautiful and has a great message. It’s called Nobody knows. By Hirokazu Koreeda. Be careful though, it can be quite sad.

A book will be Opus by Satoshi Kon, it is an art and a very important manga to me! You won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for the interview, it’s been fun! Also for granting me the “ Artist of the month”. Such an honour.

RED: the colour of the women’s revolution — Habiba Green

If you would like to find out more about Habiba you can head here.

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Digital Artist: I write artist interviews, tips and tricks and my life as an artist on the side.

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Melissa Gilbert

Digital Artist: I write artist interviews, tips and tricks and my life as an artist on the side.